There’s no such thing as LUCK !!

I’ve often wrestled with this one. I just can’t get my head round the concept of luck. One could take a mathematical approach I suppose and talk in terms of probabilities but that also doesn’t totally do it for me. No, I prefer to think that there is something in there about making your own luck. It was a great saying in all the time I played football. You had to be in the right place at the right time. That was not down to luck. It was down to being prepared, anticipating situations. For me what it boils down to is a “Juxtaposition between Opportunity and Preparedness”. Yep, that does it for me !!!!


13….unlucky or not? – wildthoughts

Recently I was in a lift in a Hong Kong hotel. As I climbed smoothly to the 24th floor, I noticed that there was no 13th. So I was really on the 23rd, I thought? Then I thought who’s being fooled here? Surely the people on the 14th know they are really on the 13th. But the best bit was when I spotted the metal safety plate on the the opposite wall. Maximum Occupancy – 13 Persons !!!!