The Vital Edge

More and more people are discovering “The Vital Edge” every day. Why not discover for yourself?  

“The Vital Edge”……. is now available through a wide range of sites.

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Using anecdotes and metaphors from sport, combined with psychology and behavioural models, the book provides guidance and pointers as to how business performance can be improved and how common de-railers can be overcome. It is intended to be an easy to read and entertaining journey through a variety of sports, with an intriguing dive into subject areas as diverse as motivation, optimism, ‘flow’, neuroscience, leadership, teamwork and collaboration. It will include worksheets with ponder questions at the end of each chapter allowing the book to be used individually or as part of team-building, leadership development and coaching programmes.

Here are a sample of reviewer comments ….

“So what is different about this book?  Well, I enjoyed the greater depth that Louis has provided around the role of the brain. I liked his focus on emotional intelligence, as well as some of the new learning from neuroscience.
Overall, a useful addition to the lexicon. Very readable and valuable to leaders and coaches.” 

“Being an athlete, an improving coach and a sports policy maker makes your book talk to me in a very personal way. It’s as if you have written this book just for me. I love it so much putting it down is a problem. All the elements that bind sport and business are there.” 

“Louis Collins’ “Vital Edge” provides well grounded psychological insights combined with straightforward pragmatic hints, tips and advice for anyone who coaches executives or senior management. ……… Peppered with contemporary descriptions of sporting achievement… and failures, the content is entertaining, informative and provocative….. I will be strongly recommending this book to other coaches and clients.”

“An enjoyable and thought provoking read comparing sport and business performance. Louis has brought together his passion and experience of sport and business to explore how the mind works to gain success as an individual or as a team……I like the use of “ponder points” at the end of each section, again a good way to provoke thought as an individual or part of a team review. ……No psycho babble here, Louis uses clear and concise reasoning to support the many aspects of the mind, motivation and maximising business performance.”

“I have been reading your book slowly. A chapter or two a week. I’m generally not a fan of such books but yours is excellent. As you know I’ve never been much into sport but the analogies are very powerful.”

I would love to hear what you think of the book. You can leave comments and feedback as well as ratings on the page, on Amazon, or, if you prefer, you can send me comments directly using the Contact Us Page.

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