Speedy Coaching

Let’s be honest!  Sometimes all we really need is a nudge, a helping hand, someone to speedpoint the way.  Perhaps you are contemplating a new job, worrying about an upcoming interview, or even sweating over what to say in your CV.  Give us a call.  We will provide you with that blinding light of clarity in the midst of your doubts and confusion.  Speedy services offered (sometimes in just one call) are:-

  • CV advisory service (What words do I need to avoid to prevent my CV being thrown straight in the bin?)
  • Interview preparation (What’s the killer question they are going to ask me?)
  • Presentation preparation (What if I go blank?)
  • Tricky Job and Career decisions (Should I or shouldn’t I go for it?)
  • Upcoming Appraisal Meetings (How can I make sure I get what I want out of the meeting for a change?)
  • Relationship Issues (How can I start to address those recurring conflicts between members of the team? How do I even begin to recreate alignment and cooperation?)

Just submit a brief comment on the Contact Us page and send your details. We will get back to you in double-quick time.




You may want to start by taking a brief strengths based assessment (this is FREE).  It is a well-respected and credible test, developed by psychologists, including Martin Seligman, past president of the American Psychological Association. This assessment will provide you with an overview of your greatest attributes.  After you complete the assessment, contact us and we can look at your strengths together and determine what they mean for you. This initial call will be FREE and you are under no obligation to continue with further coaching.


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