Gyro’s principal purpose is to enable our clients to succeed and prosper, in an ever increasingly complex world, by realising their full potential.  Working with individuals, teams and organisations it is possible to turn around fortunes within short periods, with focused attention on what really matters, and on the things that get in the way of success.

Drawing upon a variety of disciplines and models, from psychology to leadership, and neuroscience to cognition, we will work with you to determine the approach and focus that best addresses your particular needs.

Meetings. Everybody loves them. Don’t they? That’s why we have as many as possible, as often as possible, preferably about the same things. Isn’t it?

Meetings hi-jack our calendars, block out valuable time we could spend on new business opportunities, developing client relationships, and all those exciting activities you dreamt of when you took the job.

We specialise in helping businesses have more effective conversations. Fewer meetings, faster progress. 

Through team workshops, individual consultations and practical tools, we quite simply help your business work better. We’ll show you how you can turn unfocused, unproductive meetings into structured conversations with clear, positive outcomes.  Using the latest systems coaching and psychology techniques, we improve the quality of conversations in management teams, realign dysfunctional teams, and increase the productivity of individuals – from aspiring future leaders to senior executives

As an illustration, for businesses, we offer the following tiered packages, with prices on application. 

Gyro Package 1    

  • Initial consultation with the leader to understand key objectives and areas for improvement.  (guideline time – 60 to 120 minutes)
  • One-to-one assessment sessions with the leader and members of the senior team.  (guideline time – 60 – 90 min per individual)
  • One-day workshop for both leader and team focusing on how the team operates, areas of concern and how to improve.

Gyro Package 2    

  • Introductory phone call and pre-workshop case study for each team member.   (guideline time – 30 min per individual)
  • Coaching sessions with one or more nominated members of the team to help them improve their effectiveness in areas such as influence, persuasion, effective conversation, collaboration and conflict management.   (guideline time – 60 – 90 min per individual)
  • One-day workshop focusing on both team and individual effectiveness, providing practical tools that can be used immediately.

Gyro Package 3     

  • Initial session with the leader and/or senior team to outline approach and expected improvement. (Team then nominates individuals for one-to-one coaching.)   (guideline time – morning or afternoon session)
  • Bespoke coaching sessions designed and carried out for nominated team members.   (guideline time – 60 – 90 min per individual)

We also offer individual coaching sessions via Phone or Skype for international clients, or for people with limited diary availability.  If time is tight, and you are worried about how you will find the time, why not consider starting your day with a skype coaching session before business gets under way? Or how about squeezing in a lunch break for once and have a working/coaching lunch by skype?  Increasing numbers of clients are finding this fits well with their busy diaries.

Personal Coaching

Whether you’re a new graduate looking to get a foot on the ladder, or a senior manager thinking about your next step, we can help you with:

  • Delivering presentations with strong, clear messages
  • Effective methods of collaboration
  • Managing conflict in the workplace
  • Analysis and improvement following an Annual Review
  • Improving assertiveness, social interaction and communication skills
  • Changing direction in your career

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”     Mark Twain