Client Testimonials

Gyro works with a wide variety of clients, ranging from large IT businesses to global energy providers, from social enterprises to small charities. What sort of things have clients been saying?

“The best thing about the coaching, was the great ability you have, to deeply understand my point of view and to help me find my answers.  
Thanks for being a wonderful coach in this special moment of my life!!  Your coaching definitely helped me to build a great team, enhancing my potential as a leader.  Muchas, muchas Gracias!!”   V. 
“Learning to step back in stressful situations and become the wise person I have visualised….has helped me become that person and deal with situations in a more rational manner.”


“You asked killer questions, then sat back and let me work through it.  I found insights I needed to progress. I heard awesome questions, and experienced a masterful role model in invisible, insightful coaching.” 

“My coach woke me up. He took me out of a rut I never realised I was in and gave my career second legs. I am indebted to him.”

“Coaching has opened up my mind to new possibilities that I would never have considered previously. Given me the self-assurance that decisions in life are mine to make. Made me more self-aware and more aware of how other’s feel and think. And ultimately, helped me get more of what I want.”

“Deep insight has enabled him to ask questions that have enabled me to gain deeper understanding of where I am at my most powerful, and has opened up a host of new possibilities, both professionally and personally. I would not be where I am now without the coaching experience (that I have been) provided.”

“Thank you for being such a masterful coach. Your gentle voice enrobes a powerful insight that produces killer questions.”

“Your collaborative, respectful approach rendered you almost invisible in the process, allowing me to explore my own insights without intrusion. I have learned much about myself”