Dance under those Lights

In the week of the great Muhammad Ali’s sad death, I felt it appropriate to repost this article in his honour. He has been a remarkable inspiration for so many for so long. His impact will be felt for many years, and his legendary status will grow with time. His appeal transcends boxing and sport, it has no geographical boundaries, and he is instantly recognisable even by children too young to have known him in his prime. He will go on ‘Dancing Under Those Lights’.

Gyro Consulting Services

George Bernard Shaw is reputed to have described a sick man as being unable to think of anything but his ailment”.  The general malaise and depression that swamps much of our news, both regionally and from around the world, is reminiscent of Shaw’s sick man. Get too close to a problem and you can’t see beyond it.


Our organisations and businesses are being driven by a management obsessed with ‘looking in the rear view mirror’. Think about it!  What goes on in meetings in organisations and businesses, day in day out? How much of the focus is on what has been going wrong, and why?  How much time is devoted to looking at trends, and graphs, and budget forecasts based on productivity over the last month, quarter or year? How much of the employee performance appraisal is devoted to the fine detail of relative value and contribution…

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