Hands up if you’re scared

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Hands up if you are more scared this week than last?  Hands up if you believe you are more likely to be the victim of a terrorist atrocity than you were before the Russian airliner fell from the sky? Or the killings in Paris?  I see a fair few hands raised. I’m guessing that your hands are not raised having quickly calculated the complex statistical probability associated with being mixed up in such occurrences. More likely, it is coming from something in your gut, or in your heart. Somewhere far away from cognitive reason and rationality.

creative commons

creative commons

And, of course, that is what terror intends. To switch people off from reason, rationality, logic and constructive discourse, and switch on our more primal decision-making systems. “I feel it in my water. In my gut. I can smell it. My heart is ruling my head”. Believer v Non-Believer. Black v White. Love v Hate.  For v Against. Polarisation, simplification. No room for the grey. Choose your side.

Operating in a state of fear is commonplace. Workers fear for their jobs, their livelihoods, and being able to fend for their families. Patients fear the worst when waiting their medical results. City traders fear the flashing lights on the trading board when they glow red for what it might be about to signal. Could this be another crash in global markets?

Fear serves a useful evolutionary function. It kept our ancestors alive, and we have their fear to thank for us being here today. Unfortunately it is the enemy of progress. It stunts creativity, blocks new ways of thinking. Neuroscience shows quite clearly that, when the fear system in the brain is active, exploratory activity is turned off. In other words we stop looking for new ways to solve problems.  We resort to what we know worked in our evolutionary past. We either cower and hide and hope the danger passes, we flee and turn our backs on the problem, or we retaliate with force and hope to win with might.

It is not just the terrorists who get what they want from periods of fear. Beware the hawks who exploit our fear to pass legislation to strengthen their might, to reduce our liberties, to increase surveillance and to separate us further from each other, all in the name of making us safer.

Grieve, mourn, and repair. There’s work to be done. New ideas needed. Don’t leave the future to the terrorists, or the hawks. Beware decisions taken while fearful. They are never new, seldom helpful, and rarely compassionate.








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    In the wake of yet more mass murder, this time in Manchester, useful words are hard to find. All acts of this nature are senseless and horrific. Somehow the targeting of young, innocent children accentuates our sense of revulsion. I have chosen to re-post my thoughts from last year after the killings in Paris.The words are the same. After all, nothing seems to have changed.

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