The Power of being ‘Clueless’

“There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.” ~ Robert Burns

When we believe we are right, we don’t go looking for data to check otherwise. We close down our curiosity antennae and remain blissfully unaware of alternative views of the world. It can be cosy and comfortable existing in this state of course. Sticking with what you know keeps life simple. You don’t have to experience the dis-orientation of constantly questioning and challenging your assumptions. It lets you go about your daily business with minimal fuss. Life’s complicated enough, after all, without setting out to make it more challenging.

But, think about it a little longer. What if we all adopted this approach, all of the time? Nothing would ever change. Where would innovation come from?  What would happen to creativity?  The problems that we face, big and small, would simply become ‘accepted’ and incorporated into our ‘reality’, our ‘truth’, and not open to question. I guess this approach is more prevalent than we care to imagine. How much of our world, and ‘your’ individual ‘reality’, is governed by assumptions and beliefs?



Think about times when you have experienced the most profound ‘learning’.  Those moments when you have had deep insights.  When you have suddenly had that ‘breakthrough’ feeling.  How did those ‘eureka’ moments happen?Typically, they follow a period of confusion, or frustration. A period of uncertainty when things did not make sense.  Having our ‘status quo’ thoughts disrupted and our previous ‘certainties’ questioned, creates the conditions necessary for new learning. Indeed, it is the unlearning of existing ‘beliefs and assumptions’ that pave the way for new connections and associations to be created inside our brains.

Look at your teams, your organisation, and within yourself. Challenge the ‘certainties’ you see and hear. Encourage your people to get ‘confused’. Celebrate that confusion and give yourself permission to be ‘clueless’ too. Great leaders don’t have all the answers, but they do ask great questions and encourage ‘disruptive thinking’, creating an environment where profound personal and business insights are able to emerge.


If you feel that you (or members of your team) would benefit from exploring ways to make substantial improvements to personal and collective effectiveness and productivity, please do get in touch. Tailored learning programmes are available that have delivered proven benefits, whether your current focus is on:

  • a need to engage your workforce in a positive and compelling way through a transformation
  • how to ensure you get the best out of your investment in talent 
  • ensuring your senior teams, team leaders & middle managers are equipped to handle the conversations that are needed to ensure your organisation is operating as effectively and productively as it could be. 

Simply submit your contact details on the Contact Us page and I will be delighted to get in touch with you for an informal initial chat.

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