What were you working on before you checked your email?

The question “What were you working on before you checked your email?” struck me between the eyes one morning. It immediately summed up to me all that is wrong with email – or at least the way we allow it run our lives. Don’t get me wrong – I love my email. I’m pretty attached to it and wouldn’t want to go back to a pre-email, snail mail world. But, how often does your day take on a different course than what you had planned after you start reading your email? How often does an email intrude on your day and take you on a totally different journey. Is your email ruling you, rather than you being in control of it? I received the message from a regular newsletter I receive from David Brownstein, Hollywood Coach. I worked with David a few years ago when I was being trained as a Leadership Coach, and he has some great messages such as this on his blog. I recommend it to you. Click on the title to read David’s newsletter.


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