Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations Masterclasses are being brought to the South Wales area for the first time and with a special launch price that delegates, and their companies, will find very attractive ~ just £50 !!!

Please register your interest by providing your contact information here. Simply state that you are interested in “Courageous Conversations Masterclass” in the ‘other information’ box.  There is no commitment or deposit required to register. This is purely to gauge numbers.

The workshop will require a minimum number of nine participants to sign up in order for it to run, so if you do have a colleague who you believe would also benefit, please pass on the details.


Develop Effective Strategies to have Courageous Conversations with Incredible Results

  • Are you feeling under appreciated and your contribution not valued?
  • Does your manager seem to be asking too much of you, seemingly oblivious to the amount of work you already have on your plate?
  • Do you have feedback you’d like to give to a manager or direct report but are afraid to cause offence?
  • Have you got an issue that you’ve been wanting to address for some time but feel you have left it too long to tackle it?


Having a courageous conversation takes preparation, strategy and skill – but it also takes confidence and courage.

In just one day we can help people, at any level within the organisation, improve people’s ability to have more effective and straightforward conversations.

We achieve this by:-

  • Helping participants become aware of what drives their behaviour and how that undermines their ability to be clear, straightforward and honest in ways that are effective, despite their best intentions
  • Providing participants with techniques to overcome the limitations of their own behaviour
  • Building their ability to use these tools and techniques skilfully, while focusing on their own ‘real-life’ cases.


Conversations can change culture

We want people to leave the masterclass inspired to converse!   We want their inner courage to run free within the workplace and start having conversations that will spread and drive business improvement.

Previous delegates have said……

  • “I learned an alternative to being blunt which is effective and still respectful.”
  • “I used to put out an opinion and get nothing back from my team. Now I ask them what they are thinking and they are much more engaged and willing to be accountable.”
  • “I have seen significant improvement in the results of my line managers who use what they have learned widely, in governance, team meetings, and in planning.”


So, if you would like to register your interest in attending this masterclass for the amazing price of only £50, please enter your contact information here. Please state that you are interested in “Courageous Conversations Masterclass” in the ‘other information’ box.  There is no commitment or deposit required to register. This is simply to gauge numbers.  Many Thanks.